February 25, 2010

Vancouver *2 * 0 * 1 * 0*

I can hardly believe that February is almost over. Living in Vancouver during the sporting event that I'm not allowed to mention by name has been pretty crazy, but crazy in a good way for a change. Unfortunately a little too busy for much art making. I did however manage to get in a quick digital challenge over at Digital Whisper, a Valentine's Day Card using a stock image pair of lips. Here's what I came up with:

Hope everyone's Valentine's Day was spectacular! Now I need to order supplies and gear up for Michael de Meng's class and ArtFest next month. Can't wait!!!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your blog is AMAZING!!! I love your journals you made with Tracy Moore! I am so envious! I can't wait to take one of his classes. I am going to be back often! Thank you for sharing your wonderful tallents!

  2. Wow I love this one...I know what you mean...life is busy..its hard to find the time to relax and Create!!( :
    I noticed that you have been published.. congrats..Do you mind if I ask how you went about doing that?I really have no clue,but think it would be such a way to get your art noticed.
    Have a lovely day!!Cat

  3. Getting published...really all that I did was see the submission guidlines and calls for art in the back of Somerset Studio (you can also see these online)...and I mailed three pieces of my work that I thought would meet their requirements. Somerset chose all three, contacted me for more details and the rest as they say is history. I would suggest that you look up submission information on the magazine where you see your work is a fit and send it, send it, send it...Good luck! xo Andrea

    (If you have any more questions, just send me an email and I'll tell you everything that I can).

  4. Wow! You are the Empress Butterfly at the beginning of her journey! Wonderful expressions and executions of your thoughts. Very deep commitment to convey and invoke the feelings that inspired you.

    You rock!! and then some!